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About the Provider

Constance started her career as a teacher and moved onto the social service sector, serving for more than 26 years. Her last position was Director of a Family Service Centre.

In the course of her work, she saw many parents anguishing in their dyslexic children's difficulties and frustrations. She saw the true picture of dyslexia as that of someone trying to cope with living in a confusing world, making mistakes, not knowing why those mistakes were made and trying to survive.

Constance is trained in different aspects of learning disabilities and had pursued training in California. Her stay in the U.S. for the duration of the course gave her the opportunity to practise her skills and work with a variety of clients. She has been working with dyslexic individuals during the past 14 years using the Davis methodology. She also applies the Neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) in the course of her work. Constance is trained in Early Childhood Development.

Constance also works with adults who are motivated and willing to pursue the course for self-improvement.

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