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My son Francis Kok attended the 5-day Davis Dyslexia Correction Program with Constance Chua in Singapore. We saw a lot of positive changes in him. He is now very confident and for the first time able to give his opinion during conversations, wants to read and his spelling has improved tremendously. In a span of only one month, my son has changed so much that my wife and I, who have worked so hard since Francis was five years old, to try to achieve short, feel that we have wasted a lot of time and money on all the other programs that we had sent poor Francis to attend. Thank you so much.

Kok Gee Siong, Ipoh

Dear Constance,

My wife and I had a parent-teacher report card session last week with Tze-Aun's class teacher. We were indeed very pleased with what we heard from his class teacher who expressed that there has been a noticeable change in Tze-Aun. Foremost is his display of confidence and becoming participative in class - asking questions, taking part in sports activities etc. She pointed out that his comprehension has improved markedly and was proud of the fact that 'her Tze- Aun' was among the few who passed a very difficult civics test. She even says that she brags about this in the staff room. She was sure that whatever therapy (we mentioned to her earlier that we were taking Tze- Aun for a correction program) has worked!

My wife and I certainly believe that the correction program has worked.

Thank you Constance.

There is still a long way to go and a lot of hard work but I believe that a foundation for positively moving forward for Tze-Aun has been laid.

Ong Seng Pheow of his 17 year-old son, Kuala Lumpur


When we returned to Manila from Singapore after attending the Correction Program, I was anxious to try the Bed Wetting Program given to us as part of the Davis Correction program. I had Seana get on point once she was in bed and read the script to her. I must admit that this was the only time I had felt a little skeptical about the program. The following morning, Seana could not wait to tell me the good news - a dry night; I was amazed. What was more amazing though was when she described how her mind's eye had actually awakened her to go to the bathroom.

Yes, we have had dry nights before the Correction Program but only after waking Seana to pee. Sometimes we would be too late and have to change the sheets. Since the Correction program nearly three months ago I think we have had about 4 to 5 wet nights. Seana is working her way through the follow-up work. Even if nothing else in the program works, it would have all been worth it just for the DRY NIGHT.

John Cooney, Manila, Philippines

My son was almost 10 years old when I finally figured out that he wasn't 'growing out' of not being able to spell. He couldn't spell, understand phonics, multiplication tables, he could read, but not necessarily with comprehension. He was frustrated and no matter how hard he tried we could not figure out how to get him to spell.

My son attended the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program with Constance. He learns how to orientate and understand what cause him to become disorientated. He learn a way to spell that was easy and simple, read with understanding and do his Math and whatever other difficulties he face. During the program my son was very receptive and appeared relaxed and more confident in his abilities. I think understanding that he is not 'stupid' and that he can do things in his own way was a great boost to him. Since attending the program, his spelling, reading and comprehension have improved. He will never be perfect, but there is a significant improvement. He now willingly will read a novel or newspaper, something he would fiercely avoid before. His Math has also improved by working things out his own way.

I took a chance and I am happy with the outcome. Most important to me is that my son now understands his disability, shows none of the earlier frustrations and has shown no resistance to learning, and now appears to enjoy it. I gave my son a chance and neither of us have any regrets.

Dr Sharon Saw, Singapore

India, Goa

The program seems to have worked well as signs of positive changes are evident from her basic outlook & academic performances. Her confidence level seems to have improved drastically & she does appear much smarter. Her teachers seem happy with her ability to cope with the new ICSE syllabus, which is generally known to be tougher as compared to her previous CBSE syllabus. It was a pleasure to know she had performed decently well during her recent term exams (first after the program). Her reading is improving & her handwriting is now quite excellent with much fewer spelling mistakes.

She admits feeling quite different & confirms no pressure experienced during studies or during exams. She is reported as a good student, always cheerful & friendly with all staff /students. Earlier labeled as an introvert, she now enjoys being referred to as "talkative". She now plays on the school basketball team. Previously addicted to TV watching at home, it's unbelievable that now it no longer holds interest for her.

Thank you for giving hope to my daughter and all the dyslexics around the world that have the opportunity to benefit from the Davis Dyslexia Correction program.

Cdr(rtd) K Ravindran of her 14 year-old daughter, Aswathy Ravindran

United States of America

Our son, Thomas (10 years old) has shown great improvement in his behavior and academic performance in school since taking the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program. My husband and I had a conference with his fourth grade teacher who reported that Thomas has improved in his classroom behavior, the ability to follow directions and complete tasks, and there was vast improvement in his math, writing and spelling.

We will always be grateful to Constance in helping Thomas overcome his learning disability through the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program. We truly appreciate what she and the program have brought to our lives.

Keri and Richard Perkins, Long Beach, California

Dear Constance

Coincident with the training Ashley (9 years old) has experienced with you, we have witnessed significant changes in her behavior. Basically, we feel that these changes are reflective of her enhanced understanding and perception of her thinking process as it relates to personality, emotions, intellect, abilities and interests.

In school, her teacher has noted particular improvement in all areas of her academic progress including spelling, reading, writing and math. At home, she has a significantly greater interest in reading and does her homework with greater ease.

She is obviously happy with the program even to the extent that when we pick her up from your sessions, she is excited and reluctant to leave. She also looks forward with anticipation to another class with Constance.

Larry and Cheryl Carter, Sunset Beach, California

Dear Constance,

As I told you in our first introductory meeting, Gavin (10 years old) has been assessed by many different professionals and have been involved in many different programs and therapists. The results of this five-year plus process are basically that nothing has succeeded in helping Gavin academically or emotionally. He remained a confused, angry, and perpetually frustrated little boy.

Since Gavin took the program, he has scored between 70-100% with his weekly spelling tests. This is the very first time that he has experienced this measure of success in spelling. I also see a definite improvement in the fluency and fluidity with which he is able to read. His retention and understanding of what he is reading has also improved.

Gavin enjoys working with you and he feels a great connection to you and that you have reached him on a level that no one else has. I think that this program will be the turning point and the deciding moment in his life, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Karen McLain, Long Beach, California

Since Scott (9 years old) received the 30 hours of guidance and instruction from you I have noticed changes in his behavior, and he has demonstrated a stronger commitment to his responsibilities.

He stays focused doing his homework, and even works on his homework without being asked to do so. He is less frustrated with his reading and math work. I have been considering putting Scott on medication but I am convinced now that he does not need it as he has acquired a set of tools to aid him in life.

Thank you again, and I will be telling parents I come in contact with about this program.

Jeri Symmonds, Long Beach, California

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